Kindly note that Twinkas is not a financial institution where money is lodged somewhere and being paid to participants at the end of 21 days. Money received from members are paid in by other new members joining the scheme. Twinkas is more like an MLM scheme where down-lines pay to the up-lines in a continuous chain. Whereas there is no new incoming down-line, the scheme may not be able to fund its members.

Also have the following in mind:

1. That we have no GUARANTEE that every investment on Twinkas will be returned. We do not have a central account where money is being lodged. Do not borrow money to invest. Return on Investments depends on the influx of members but NO MONEY IS LOST ON TWINKAS. Funds are only transferred from one person to another. One may gain on a particular package and loss on the other. No one should be held responsible for any gain or loss on the platform.

2. That we are not making it compulsory for participants to have multiple accounts. Participants with multiple accounts should be willing to take the risk of MAKING IT BIG when the turn up is good and BEAR THE LOSSES if it occurs.

3. That PROMOTION is one of the key features of Twinkas. Twinkas will last longer if participants, after registering, try all possible best to promote Twinkas in all possible ways. COMPLAIN is one of the fastest killers of donation schemes like Twinkas. If the visions of the scheme have been defeated, try all possible best to keep mute instead of complaining openly to the public rather than channeling your complaints to appropriate authority.

4. That PANIC kills Twinkas. Every website goes on MAINTENANCE. We try as much as we can to do upgrades on the fly. We only go offline on full maintenance mode when we try to do some upgrades that might cause data loss if done on the fly. We will continue to go on maintenance either online or offline when we need to tweak the system for the better.

Remember that If you aren’t talking money, you have to be really brief – Twinkas.