About the Humanitarian Services

About the Humanitarian Services

With your charities… We will fulfill their hope....

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”


We shall be classifying the purposes of charitable trust basically into four, namely;

  • Trust for the relief of poverty;
  • Trust for the advancement of education;
  • Trust for the advancement of good health; and
  •  Trust for other purposes beneficial to the community   

Establish a trust for the relief of poverty. This is a kind of trust created for relatively poor beneficiaries. It does not mean that the beneficiaries are necessarily poor but they belong to a class of the society in need of financial assistance or help. It may be created for destitute, widows, pensioners, e.t.c.


Establish a trust for the advancement of education. This is a kind of trust created for the support of education of the children, youths as well as adults. It includes both formal and informal education but does not include political education.


Establish a trust for the advancement of good health. This is a kind of charitable trust created for the security and preservation of good health. Charitable health organizations rendered support for the prevention of diseases as well as for the eradication and cure of the same. 


Establish a trust for other purposes beneficial to the community or class in the society. This is an omnibus heading intended to cover all other forms of charitable trust not mentioned above. As earlier observed, there is no specific limit as to what is charitable purpose. Once a trust is not private, once there is an element of public benefit from a trust, it can be said to be charitable. This includes trust for the advancement of literature, scientific invention, social and cultural development, promotion of sports, construction of roads, bore-holes, e.t.c.



  • Spreading health awareness and education

  • Rescuing people from the effects of disasters

  • Establishing projects for the good of those in need: orphans, widows, elderly, and special needs.

  • Attracting talents for volunteer work


  • Building housing for IDPs (Internal displaced persons)
  • Medical care
  • Feeding the needy
  • Public relief
  • People with special needs
  • Prisoners care
  • Supporting the TwinKAS Fundraising Initiative
  • Charitable endowment
  • Digging well
  • Students, Local aids, Charities,Orphans


  • Sponsorship request
  • Sponsor an orphan
  • Sponsor a student
  • Sponsor a poor family
  • Sponsor special needs


All the 37 states in Nigeria




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 All the 37 states in Nigeria, which includes senatorial zones, States, LGA and Ward