Twinkas Advanced E-wallet

Twinkas Advanced E-wallet

E- Wallet: Advanced E-Wallet for TwinKAS
An E-Wallet is a virtual storage space method which stores information about E-Money etc. E-Wallet guarantees E-commerce dealings easiness and safety. And E-money, also known as E-currency is the cash that leaves in online financial transactions, but not in the physical form (not in the banks). In TwinKAS Software, E-wallet holds an extensive role.

Use of E-Money or E-Wallet in TwinkAS Software:
Like all other platforms, TwinKAS Software's also features with E-money & E-wallet. When a financial transaction is performed using the E-money, all process will be completed within a matter of time. Along with the versatile features, our TwinKAS Software also ensures secured E-Money transactions. For TwinKAS, an E-wallet system is essential to manage and operate all Cash-in, Cash-out financial information of the user.

Cash-in process takes place when:
The Member gets a commission from TwinKAS Plan.
Through referral links
From other E-Wallet account as E-money transfer.
As bonus etc.

Cash-Out process takes place when:
User pays the new membership fee for online registration
During withdrawal
While transferring E-money to another E-Wallet account
While adjusting bonus
While Upgrading member account
While Requesting E-Money withdrawal etc.

Key Features 
Virtual Money Storage                                                                   
Secure & Trustworthy
To perform Cash in Process
To perform Cash Out Process
Money Transfer
Used for adjusting bonus
Used for new registration & Member migration
Used for Requesting E-Money withdrawal   
Condition for Withdrawal
Authorisation for withdrawal is given to E-wallet holder only when the accumulated amount is N10,000.