Ambassadors for Charity

Ambassadors for Charity

Purpose of TwinKaS 

Your TWINKING purpose is the reason TwinKaS has been set up, or what your activities work towards achieving. Some people also refer to this as your charity mission.

Purpose of Twink E-wallet
TwinKaS Advanced E-wallet was created for charity who have dedicated themselves connecting people through people to make the world a better place.

Twink E-Wallet Management
For your kind considerations and benevolent in ensuring that life is changed, the E-wallet module will be managed in three Twinks phases; Ambassadorial, humanitarian and Residual Twinks.
1. E-Wallet Management - Ambassadorial Twink
In this module, when a request is been placed for withdrawal, one-quarter of the total amount in the E-wallet goes to the ambassador (i.e. member who have accumulated up to N10,000).
2. E-Wallet Management - Humanitarian Twink
In this module, when a request is been placed for withdrawal, three-quarter of the total amount in the E-wallet goes charity (i.e. homeless, destitute, orphanages, etc).
3. E-Wallet Management - Residual Twink/Zero Twink
Residual Twink is the zero amount left each time a request is made for a withdrawal. This simply means that each time a withdrawal is made, the account is returned to zero (0).

ARE WE REALLY HELPING - YES and here is why?
 We also hope that we are not adding to the ever growing problem of a disparate and disjointed NGO effort.  We work in areas where no one else is helping, especially in our society today, and our strength is that we are empowering indigenous people and their organizations, not bringing in western consultants or working through missionaries.  

One of the main objectives of TwinKaS is to promote the wellbeing of the nation in need due to poverty, financial crisis in addition to bring about a positive change in the social structure of the society for a better tomorrow. TwinKaS seeks to attain the same through different channels such as: 
Helping other Orphanages/Destitute Homes.
Providing financial assistance to the needy students to pursue their education.
Set up old age homes and to look after and assist persons who are unable to look after themselves due to poverty, disease and other infirmities.
Acting as clearing house for information for Institutions or persons interested in the activities contemplated by the Foundation.
TwinKaS visualizes itself a wider role to play in the meaningful and more purposeful implementation of its objectives. 
It seeks participation and help from like-minded people/organizations in creating greater base for TwinKaS to give a true shape and substance to the objectives envisaged.

TWINKAS…… Simply the Best!