Rebranding Summary

Rebranding Summary

Follow this steps and your account will be rebranded and ready for use on the new portal. 
The first stage of the Rebranding entails you follow this processes.
  1. Make sure all your accounts are active. Use the switch account menu to achieve this.
  2. Log into the Re-sellers Panel with your favorite Twinkas account tagged as your "Main Account"
  3. Click on the menu link "Twinkas Single Account"
  4. Read and accept the terms by clicking on the "Send Profile to Rebranded Portal". 
  5. At this Stage, all accounts connected to your bank Institution account and mobile number will appear on a table. For users with Single account, this is the end for you, while for Multiple account users, proceed.
  6. Enter the account pin of all the account displayed on the table for each of your accounts and then link them.
If all your accounts do not appear on this table, please log into each of them and make sure the account is active. Click on "Switch Account" to achieve this.
For those having Tks Units, you are required to convert your Tks Units into "Current Money" and deactivate their Re-sellers Account from the Re-sellers panel (Standard rates apply). To do this, please log into to the Re-sellers panel and find the menu "Tks - Money Converter". 

In addition to the Upgrade, we have added a Tabbed Notification to enable members view at most 3 previously updated notice (Previous 1-3) to stay updated. 
Members still having issues gaining access to their accounts should reset their browsers, clear their browser cache or better still Uninstall and Re-Install.

Warning!!! The exercise of the Tks - Current Money conversion should be done only on your main account. "Current Money" is not transferable. The Minimum allowed Transferable Unit caused by joining a package with Austere Measure is a property of Twinkas and will be collected when due. 

The second stage of the rebranding requires all Participants to convert all active packages on each linked account into their money value. Log in with your main account to the "E-Commerce panel", click on the menu "Package - Money Conv." At this point, all linked accounts and their money value will be displayed. Click on Convert for each of them. At this stage, you have completed the transition phases and your account will be showing "Rebranded". Wait for further Information. 

All Converted account will be deleted from the database. Account will cease to Exist.