Say No to Fake stories
3rd Mar 2017 @ 08:31 GMT by Twinkas

Say No to Fake stories

From the time of inception, we knew the problem with the human race especially country where people with unlike minds and dubious nature dwells. TwinKAS was created and designed for the good of those within the locality of its operation and in Diaspora. Integrity, confidentiality and reliability are the top priorities towards ensuring the safety of your investments. Currently, we have team of experts and expatriates working on your court cases and correspondences in a view of resolving conflicts.
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What is the reason behind conflict resolution? This was logically implemented to ensure that no money is lost in the platform. By so doing, we introduced a module for expunged accounts, Switch Accounts and other mode of resolution not visible to the front-end users.

The power to make wealth lies within you. Why must you be discouraged about a platform that has giving you maximum hope and resources? Why should you allow fake stories from failed platforms to deprive you from recycling in TwinKAS? Why should media propagandas derail your trust for TwinkAS? Have you tendered any issues that have not been resolved? Policies are been made to suit all and sundry yet; complains continues. Don’t you know that most complainants are not TwinKAS participants?

That notwithstanding, the system was programmed to make successful transaction on/before 21 days depending upon the influx of members. But the question now is how much the false information and media propagandas have affected the populace in terms of brainwashing them against the platform? Of a truth, the rate at which payments are made depends on the influx of members.

From the testimonials, everybody testify that we are to be trusted yet; our noble participant goes about losing their money in other platforms because of greed and impatience. Truth be told, would you prefer to WAIT and get paid on TwinKAS or to RUSH and get lost elsewhere?

For as long as the internet remaineth, TwinKAS remains. No RETREAT No SURRENDER. We are committed to leverage the privileged/ less privileged from the shackles of ignorance and poverty.