The Removal of the Manual Invitation

The Removal of the Manual Invitation

The emergence of manual invitation and referral link possess a serious threat to the system. It was observed that hackers repeatedly invites themselves intermittently, having the activation code and the login credentials, freely and sneakily activate himself/herself.

From the spillover rule, user is eligible to expand his downline when the account is activated, hence, the system provides end-to-end encryption, which means TwinKaS can’t alter the activation process.
However, the rise and fall of a money making machine scheme can be illustrated using this technique. 

John Doe Registers, pays to someone and was activated. John Doe then registers Mr. Bat, Cat and Dog under his referral and because they are all under him, he activates them all (Fake Accounts) free of charge. John Doe is now having Mr. Bat, Cat and Dog as fresh free accounts waiting to be paid. This process goes on and on until John Doe can now have up to 4 - 100 accounts waiting for payment which was created and activated free of charge.

This process retards the growth of the system and the communities suffers the injurious effect, thereby depriving member of the community their benefit as at when due.

Twinkas is making sure to serve the community better for effective service delivery and equity in randomizing the efficacy in due time.

- Tale tells few can tell with TwinKAS