TwinKAS - An Ecommerce Platform
21st Mar 2017 @ 10:35 GMT by Twinkas

TwinKAS - An Ecommerce Platform

E-Ccommerce Resellers panel
The module will help convert account to unit and also promote the system to ecommerce by enabling the participant to sell and buy unit for the various transactions. In contrast, it can serve as a measure to retrieve capital after investment.

E-Commerce week grant
The Ecommerce week upon activation on the following packages will top-up free E-wallet unit; Classic = 15,000 units; Professional = 25,000 units; Premium = 40,000 units; Ultimate = 90,000 units

Midnight Activations! Effective Tuesday 21st March 2017.
We have introduced an additional free Tks.10,000 units E-wallet upon activation from 12:00am - 5:30am every day.

Auto Recycling Policy
The auto recycling TKS-011 robot is capable of suspending any account connected to an idle/dormant account that fails to recycle after 24 hours of complete payment.

Ways of earning E-wallet units
Referral link (20% bonus)
Any activated account (as per Twinkas policy)
Midnight activations (free additional Tks.10,000 units upon activation)

Vision to reality
To meet requirements in the 21st century, E-wallet units must operate as a highly mobile, flexible system that responds to mission priorities based on extensive use of information, intelligence, and communications. The following visions are;

TwinCash package (N200, 000) with minimum E-wallet of Tks.350,000 units with austere measures
E-money package (N500, 000) with minimum E-wallet of Tks.500,000 units with austere measures
Seasonal grant/bonanza
Twinkas weeks charitable grant program (N1million award/participant for 20 participants)
 Twinkas Fundraising Initiative (TFI)

NB: The N1million award for the Twinkas weeks charitable grant is convertible to Tks.3,000000 units 

TKS-011 Robot unblocked policy
If your account is fortunate to be blocked by TKS-011 Robot, you are to follow this process to unblock the account(s);

1.      Get registered and activated on any package(s) bearing unit
2.      The unit to be transferred must be half the total amount suspended.
3.      Convert and transfer the available unit to [email protected]
4.      Send an appeal mail to [email protected]
5.      The process might take up to two-three weeks for processing.

However, we encourage all the prospective earners to stay put, as the recent policies are to your favour. _Thanks for your candour!