Moved to a Dedicated Server

Dedicating a Server for TwinKAS

Due to system upgrade and maintenance, TwinKaS apologizes for the inconveniences caused the community in registering for Humanitarian services. We have received several complains about SELF ACTIVATION without payment and over matching of member community. We have also noticed that Fraudsters hacks into member account through fake SMS stating that your account will be suspended if you fail to reset your password, claiming to be TwinkAS representatives

Twinkas Has Stopped Sending SMS's!!!

While you are waiting for this, all existing participant should log in and make sure that they can see the message “Verified by Twinkas – Activating Money” on top of their profile if they are logged in and are currently in a package. We have decided to be a little stricter for those who are yet to have accounts.

We will be introducing the following Twinks;

1. TwinKAS ambassadors - local.
2. TwinKAS ambassadors - foreign.
3. Monthly reward based on E-wallet value.
4. T-shirt/Caps for community members based on randomization.
5. TwinKAS social media (Mobile/web App).
6. Dedication of three-quarter of one-time withdrawal of member E-wallet to Charity.
7. Dedication of one-quarter of one-time withdrawal of member E-wallet to member.

TwinKAS Slogan……………… … Twink d’ Twink
… Saving the masses,
… Activating Money,

Attention!!!! Please do not use your mobile number as password and do not upload fake payment details in the course of this process, otherwise will attract a legal sanction.

We thank the member community for your support and benevolence during the course of this upgrade and maintenance. We love you all and the Almighty God and Allah loves you more.

TWINKERS………………… Wishing you a prosperous New Year and Twink for life!!!

Remember, If you aint talking money, please be brief.

Twinkas - Givers are Receivers