Upgrade Notice 1

Due to system upgrade and maintenance, we have moved most of the contents of the Private portal to the Resellers Panel permanently which Include all "Wallet Functionalities (My Invited Referrals, Unit Transfer and Transfer Log)" and Switch Account (Old Account activations and Navigations).
For ease and efficient Migration and Rebranding, we have added 2 extra features to the Resellers Panel which include:

1. Twinkas Single Account: A module where all participants can connect their related account into their Main/Favourite Account.
2. Unit-Account Converter: A Module where Tks. units can be converted into Active accounts for participants having issues trying to get into the rebranded portal without having active packages. Standard unit rate applies as stated.

Twinkas Has Stopped Sending SMS's!!!

We have also replicated the "Edit Profile" of the Deprecated private portal into the Rendranded portal and added some extra features (Users can now select 1 of the 20 Avatars displayed as their dislay picture). Ticketting, Inter Member Messenger (Rarely Used), Invitation Link and a tip of the E-Wallet System were also Migrated.

The TSA Module in the rebranded portal gives the opportunity to Change Package accounts into Current Money (Old Accounts) which will be paid gradually as you Donate and Receive.

- Our Alert system will now be tabbed so that participants can view at least 4 Previously placed alert so that no one will be left out.

TwinKAS Slogan
1. Twink D Twink
2. Activating Money,

We thank the member community for your support and benevolence during the course of this upgrade and maintenance and we emplore you to wait patiently. We love you and the Almighty God/Allah loves you more.

Remember, If you aint talking money, please be brief.